The Monkey House, Vermont

Let me start off this post by asking a question, how far will thirty dollars take you? It could get you a pizza and drinks, maybe a new outfit, but what if that's all you had? I'm gonna back this up a little bit. Wednesday in Washington D.C, was bright, it was hot, and it [...]

Virginia is for Rappers

Picking up where I left off, we arrived in Roanoke, VA. Driving down the highway, I was reminded of what a beautiful area Virginia is. The sun filtered through the leaves on the trees, and the heat was cut by a soft breeze as the hills rolled by our little car. Arriving at the Coffee [...]

Ward 6 Social Club 8.8.17

Yesterday was one hell of a ride. Zack and I started our days by realizing that not everything ever goes according to plan. When we finally packed up and reached our campground in Andover, MA, it was 7:30 and night was coming on fast. Luckily, thanks to a few nights alone on the first leg [...]